Thursday, May 30, 2013

reflections on our homeschool year

It is hard for me to grasp that we are actually done with another year of homeschooling. I think back over the last months and really can't believe another summer is upon us. 

Our second year of homeschooling is done!

As I look over the workbooks and the teacher manuals are packed away, I am overwhelmed with emotions. Feelings of reliefgratefulness, and praise for God's grace to see us through another year.  {Grace}--that is the word that sums up our year in my heart. 

There were more hard days than I care to remember. Sometimes the days seemed impossible. Heavy. Days where I cried out for grace to see us through--and the testimony of God's grace is that He delivered abundantly. But it is the sweet moments that stand out the most as I think back over the months. Moments of tenderness among siblings, light bulb moments in the middle of a lesson, listening to my 4 year old read his first books, and experiencing the joy of learning along side one another. 

This year we were blessed to be a part of a Classical Conversations community and it was amazing! It added such richness to our homeschool journey.

I was familiar with the classical model of education long before becoming a homeschooling mom but it has been over the last year that my eyes have really been opened to the wonderful opportunity that this model provides. I am so thankful that we have come across this group and it has impacted the way that we school so completely. Both of my boys have grown tremendously and have made real friendships through this community.

So we close the books on another year. 

But the book lovers in this family just keep craving more and more so we will continue our learning through the summer months though it will be a much more relaxed format.  I will focus more attention on my younger two with rowing Fiar books and creating lapbooks. I look so forward to sitting side by side with them and hearing their quiet voices. My oldest has turned into such a bookworm so this summer will be full of leisure reading for him. And we will take advantage of lazy schedules and time together outside with creative play. Spending time with family and understanding and appreciating the educational value in all of these.

This summer will also mean some big changes in our school room. We don't have an actual "room" but an area in our family room. I am SO excited about the changes and new organization that is coming in. I'll be sharing our homeschool "room" transformation later in the summer as things come together. Let's just say new diy whiteboard, new storage cubbies and a revamped workbox system to name a few changes. I know! So exciting!

I look back over how far we have come this year and how all three of my children have grown both mentally and spiritually. I am thankful for the course we are on and I have peace that it is the right one for us. I see where God has placed us for this season of our life and I am overwhelmed.

And so the consummate planner in me closes the books on one school year while opening the book for next year. Already planning, thinking forward to activities, schedules and curriculum choices ---because that is just how I'm wired. ;)

So, did you homeschool this year? How did it go? Are you planning any big changes for next year?