Monday, February 3, 2014

watermelon hearts

With so many sweet treats around as we gear up for Valentine's Day, it's nice to ready with a healthy treat. Here is one that my kiddos are thoroughly enjoying these days.

{watermelon hearts with orange arrows}

I love Valentine's Day even more now that I have children to share all of the lovey dovey holiday sentiments with. With our little ones, it is so easy to bring a smile to their faces when we take the time to make just about anything heart shaped. Seriously! And these little healthy treats are just the ticket.

Simply use a medium sized heart shaped cookie cutter to make your heart out of a large watermelon slice. Cut a slice of an orange into a wedge for the back of the arrow and a smaller wedge for the point. Attach with toothpicks and your simply sweet and healthy treat is ready!

Surprise your little ones {and big ones, too!} with this sweet ending to your next meal or snack time. The smiles will be so worth it!