Monday, October 27, 2014

map work monday {CC geography}

Mondays are map work days for us!
We love to take an extra few moments each week to really dig into the content that we are currently studying and develop our awareness for those geographic areas.
It is so important to me that my children have a working knowledge of geographical locations. Knowing geography will supply them {and me!} with structure for current events and the ability to accurately connect history with physical locations. With my own children, studying geography has feed their desire to know more! What a wonderful process to go through together!

As a Classical Conversations family, we primarily use the methods of say and repeat, show and tell {"show me Maine" or "tell me what this state is"} and tracing for our geography memory work. We use the maps in the foundations guide for this. This is truly enough to gain knowledge in the area of geography. But of course, there are other things that we enjoy doing as well to practice our skills.

So here are a few things that we do to drill and expand our geography studies.

We listen to the States and Capitals song on the Classical Conversations Cycle 3 Weekly Audio CD. I LOVE this song!  If you are a CC family I highly recommend it. Learning a long list {and face it, the states and capitals is a L O N G list!} is so much easier when put to a tune. The song goes in order from week to week and is extremely helpful. If your student is going for Memory Master, learn this song!

This US States and Capitals File Folder Game from Half a Hundred Acre Wood has been a fun addition to our map work. (You can see it in the above photo.) The kids like doing this independently and also with each other to review. My youngest calls out the numbers on the states and the older 2 race to say what state and capital it is.  See the link for a full explanation on the ways to play this game.

Here is a fun State Facts Notebooking page from Homeschool Creations that also includes clip art for each state. Consider having older students write what they learn about each state on the note booking page and create a USA Passport using the clip art as you learn your way through the country!

We use the lego way to learn state abbreviations found here. I used our old duplo legos and my handy label maker to make these. I also added the full state name and not just its abbreviation so they will be able to know and recognize both. This is a fun review for my oldest and the youngers really like stacking the legos;) I lay out the bricks in order and we chant together as my Abecedarian stacks the legos.

These coloring pages from Coloring Castle have pages for the entire country and each state, with or without labels, which make for fun review for the youngers.

Some videos we enjoy are:

{This isn't a video, just a still shot so click over on the link to view.}

Some helpful posts by other CC mamas:

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{For those of you in Classical Conversations, please remember that is not necessary to supplement with crafts, worksheets and the like. Simply drilling the grammar leads to knowledge.}

What do you like to do in your geography studies? Do you designate a specific time to studying geography beyond the new grammar? I'd love to hear what you do in your homeschool!

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