Monday, February 16, 2015

edible elements :: atomic cookies

So, I thought a snowy day off from our regular routine would be the perfect opportunity to sneak in a little review and teaching time without the kiddos really realizing it. 
And while I was at it, may as well employ cookies and chocolate to carry out my plan.
Yep, I'm sneaky like that.

When I first saw this post for atomic cookies from Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood, I knew it was one of those fun things that I wanted to incorporate into our science studies. I am so thankful for bloggers like Brandy for putting such great ideas and resources out there for us to use and enjoy. Little things like this don't have to take much time but greatly enrich this journey. Please click over on the link to see her original post but I'll quickly give you a little rundown here of what we did to make our atomic element cookies.

First, we printed out the little element flashcards {again, from the post on Half-a-Hundred Acre} and reviewed the first 12 elements of the periodic table. My Masters level son filled in the info for each element and we looked up as a group the proper number of protons, neutrons, etc. We may have broken into CC memory work song a few times;) It was a great opportunity to review the grammar we are learning and let their questions stir up a little dialectic discussion. This is still a bit of an uneasy balance for me as I have a son moving into this stage but I am learning to go with it. And sometimes I am completely shocked by the beauty of it all. {I'll save the rest of those thoughts for another post!}
 Next, we made some sugar cookies {read that: pulled some frozen dough leftover from Christmas baking that I never finished and popped them in the oven really quick} and grabbed a few other ingredients to serve as our nucleus, protons, neutrons and electrons. We went with frosting, pb chips, chocolate chips and some blue M&Ms. We then went element by element and added the corresponding number of each part of the atom to our cookies.
Here is our finished oxygen, which we all agreed was our favorite.
 After finishing our treats-that-teach {and sampling a few as well;)} we got on the Nuclear app which the boys had a blast with. I love that they can manipulate the number of protons, neutrons and elections in the atoms and "discover" new elements as they do. They like creating unstable isotopes that explode. Hey, they are boys. At least they are having great discussion about how many protons they can fit in. All in all, it's a good free app and let's you build the first 54 elements for the free price.
So, there is a peek into how we gathered a few ingredients and enjoyed some fun review time together in a way that helped us learn more about the first 12 elements.

"What are the first 12 elements of the periodic table......." ;)


  1. Where did you get the element cards shown in the photograph to the right of the element flash cards.

    1. Hi Cathryn! They are on CC Connected by user allie8302 under science for cycle 3. Hope that helps:-)


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