Saturday, March 28, 2015

CC cycle 3 week 22::the plan

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Hey there CCers! Time to roll out some ideas and plans for week 22. We are still Memory Master proofing in our home but the good news is that we have both made it through the first parent proof! Wahoo! That takes a load off. You just never know how it is going to go until you actually begin. I was amazed with some of the content that gave my 11 year old trouble.  My biggest encouragement to those of you going through this process is to give grace. Let them leave a question and come back to it if they need to. Sometimes those mental blocks pop up for reasons we aren't sure of. Usually, coming back after moving to a different subject area is all that is needed. Good luck to any of you who are pursuing MM this cycle!

We will keep pursuing beauty in our Morning Meeting through our books and read alouds. I will pull out this week's Timeline cards to look over, read in Story of the World, look through our atlas at the desserts. I thought it would be fun to pull some art time in this week and try this lesson for the Painted Dessert to pull in some of our geography. Who knows, I may actually fit all of this in;)

So for week 22 we are talking about September 11, 2001. This can be a weighty topic for the younger ones. The site has lesson plans broken down by grade levels and helps give ideas for how to introduce our students to this event. There is also some good content on brain including an animated video. I know for my youngest ones we are just going to review the history sentence and talk about the events outlined here on the 9/11 Fact Sheet for early elementary students found on the memorial site. We will talk about things like what were the Twin Towers, and what is 9/11? If my oldest is interested, we will watch some of the actual footage from the morning of 9/11 and look at some of the photos from the event. It wells up emotions in me even as I think about contemplating these events with him. This week will be a good opportunity to show our children that these events really happened and they happened to real people. For the first time in our memory work, I can share with them where I was when an event happened.



This week we will talk about catastrophism. Older elementary students may be ready to start asking questions about the difference between uniformitarianism and catastrophism. If so, here are a few good resources.
{image of the Grand Canyon via}
This article found on entitled "Geologic Catastrophe and the Young Earth" discusses the research of geologist Steve Austin and brings into the discussion some of the prominent features we are studying in geography! Here is a link to the site article that addresses both uniformitarianism and catastrophism. 

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

CC cycle 3 week 21::the plan

*contains affiliate linksWow! It's week 21 already and I'm late to post our plans. Life is crazy right now with the start of sports for our boys and both my oldest and myself attempting Memory Master for cycle 3. In fact, we joke that the March Madness in our house has more to do with Memory Master drilling and proofing than it does basketball. Anyone else feeling that?  

Aside from this crazy, we are trying to finish out the year strong in all other aspects. We are reading about astronauts this week in our Morning Meeting time and continuing to listen to classical music selections to go along with our composer study. I am hoping to get our first parent proofs done before Friday and watch a CC tie-in movie for our family night this Friday. Maybe October Sky? Sounds like a fun one for a week when we talk about astronauts, right?

We will likely just expand on our history memory work this week so here are a few ideas. 

We will talk a lot about space, rockets and astronauts this week. My middle monkey is soooo into all of this and will be begging for more. Here is an interview clip of Buzz Aldrin that we will watch. 
{view on webpage}
There is also a documentary on Netflix called "The Wonder of It All" that details first-hand accounts of astronauts and those involved in the space program. We will try to fit this in as well. 
There are some coloring pages available for download here that will come in handy this week for time fillers and for my youngest to work on during Morning Meeting time. 
Here are a few books we have around our house for this week. Some borrowed from the library and some just pulled from our stash. 


So there are a few ideas for what we will try to do to enhance week 21 in our homeschool. What will you be doing this week? I'd love to hear from you!

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Saturday, March 14, 2015

CC cycle 3 week 20 :: the plan

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Hard to believe we have just a few more weeks left in cycle 3! Here are some things we are doing for week 20 around our home. Remember, it isn't necessary to supplement the CC memory work. Stick in the sand and drill, drill, drill is all you need to do. Really. Trust the process and place those memory pegs in those little minds. 

In our Morning Meeting we will continue to read our selections in Story of the World and finish up a read aloud from last week, The Oregon Trail: An Interactive History Adventure. We will drill our memory work and spend some time working on Memory Master review for my oldest and myself. Almost time to start proofing! Eek! Since we are in Orchestra now for Fine Arts we will listen to some Tchaikovsky {tip: create a quick playlist on YouTube if you don't want to purchase music} and we will have the book The Story of the Orchestra in our book basket as well. 

We will build on what we started talking about back in week 13 with the Civil Rights Movement and add in some discussion about the segregation of public schools. We will look at some pictures of desegregation of the public schools as well. This PBS webpage offers video clips that show a glimpse into what was happening before, during and after Brown vs Board of Education. This particular video {found here} is specifically about the Supreme Court case.

We will continue to draw and trace to drill our geography memory work. Since we are focusing on canals this week, we will watch this video on the Erie Canal. I will also print this coloring sheet for my younger two to color during our Morning Meeting this week.


We probably won't talk too much as a family about the memory work this week but I will look through It Couldn't Just Happen {which I just got and am so excited to start reading through!!} with my older Masters level student. Through the study of origins over these next several weeks I want to show my own children that God and His word is the ultimate source of Truth. They will see through the discussions of probability how different people can examine the same information and yet come up with different conclusions. This directly relates to the discussion of origins. I want my children to know that part of this process is collecting reliable data and what is more reliable to the question of origin than the written Word of our Creator God!
There are some great ideas about Statistics Labs from My Favorite Kind Of Crazy blog that I may try to incorporate with all of us. We read the book It's Probably Penny at our community last week and LOVED it!! Highly recommend it.

That's all for now. Enjoy your homeschool week CCers!

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Thursday, March 12, 2015

morning meeting:: how we are redeeming our mornings

Recently, I have desired to create and restore a rhythm to our mornings.

As I referenced in an earlier post, I have felt pulled to bring a focus back to our school day that was missing. To restore something that was there before but yet to move beyond that to something so much more.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

the "everywhere" school box

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Do you do school in one location in your home? Are you one of the lucky ones who have a designated school space or does your kitchen table do double duty? 

As my children are growing and becoming more independent, I find that we are doing our school work in various areas of our home.

After working through my Mid-Year Review, I found that there were more than a few changes that needed to take place in order for our days to progress smoothly from one task to the next. I also wanted to address how my two older children kept up with their books and supplies. 

You see, we've used notebooks, workboxes, cubbies and bins. All worked well in their season, but as children grow and the needs of each stage emerge, sometimes a change is necessary.

For us, in this season, the need to move about the house in a free and yet organized way has become a need.

My husband works from home and our school space is within 5 feet of his work area. A school space where I am working with our preschooler, our younger grammar student and our older 6th grader. Can you sense the problem?

Enter the need for school to move to other areas of the house for various parts of our studies. And as many of you probably can relate, the books and papers and markers and pencils and whatever else that left the school area ends up all over the kitchen, the family room, the living see what I mean?

So my solution? The "everywhere" school box!

I wanted something for my two boys that would house all of their school needs and the main supplies they need on a daily basis. 

If you follow me on IG, you may have seen this pic from a few weeks ago. On my search for something to give my boys all I was looking for in an organization system I found these! Yes, those are Craftsman Tool Totes. They are perfect!

These totes are so sturdy and durable! Since they are meant to carry tools, the canvas construction is strong! The steel handle and foam rubber grip makes it easy to carry. All of the books and binders fit inside the main part of the tote and the different pockets are perfect for markers, pencils, flashcards and any other smaller item they may need close. 

We've been using these school box totes for the past several weeks and the results are exactly what I was looking for! When we need to shift our studies to a different area of the house, the tote easily comes with us AND keeps everything organized as we go. At the end of our school time, the school box is returned to it's little home in the school area. Neat and tidy!

This is just one of the tweaks that I have made in our homeschool for this second half of our school year but it is the one that has made the biggest impact. If you are needing a way to keep your older {or even younger!} students more organized I would highly recommend a tote like this. 

{I found our totes at our local Kmart but you can find the same tote through Amazon through this link.}