Friday, August 28, 2015

cc cycle 1 wk 1::the plan

We have begun our first week of cycle 1! I am so excited to dig in this year. We are repeating cycle 1 and there is a familiarity that makes this cycle feel like an old friend. I think back to where my kiddos were 3 years ago and marvel at how small they were and how much we've all grown and changed. I am particularly excited to see how I will approach planning this time around. I have grown so much in my understanding of the classical model and have found a homeschooling groove that I hadn't quite found the first time we took this path. I appreciate the idea of previewing, viewing and reviewing information that goes along with the classical process. I am so looking forward to 'viewing' all of cycle 1 again!

For much of our CC memory work we will simply be reviewing using stick in the sand methods. We love the CC app for reviewing on the go and using notebooking pages for our Classical Binders. I love Sheri Ellis's notebooking printables. Wow! What a blessing to our homeschool! I'd love to hear who your favorite CCC user is!

We will be working to memorize the Scripture selection for cycle 1 from Exodus 20. We have it broken down to learn it slowly over the course of the year. We are using the hand motions found here on YouTube from Mega Verses to help us hide this passage in our hearts.
{check through site to view video}

We will spend the next 2 weeks studying the 10 Commandments. We have a few books to read and some coloring pages. I love the note booking pages created by CC mama Sheri Ellis and will be using her History pages for both of my Foundations children in their Classical Binders. 
We will be making this cute printable for an origami "cootie catcher" to help review the Commandments. (click here to go to Rachael's Book Nook)
I love this site for reviewing the classifications of living things! See how scientists look for observable features and then group living things into various subgroups. Click on the various groups and see what belongs in it! 

Something we will be doing at home this year is attempting to recreate the hands-on science experiments from class. So many of the experiments and projects this cycle lend themselves to further exploration. We will be using sites like Mad in Crafts and Mama Owl's Lab to learn more about how plants germinate and grow! Our little beans will be soaking up some sun in a ziploc bag in our kitchen window over the next few days so we can come back and see the germination process. 
My Foundations kiddos are a young ABC and an Apprentice student so our readers this year will be much shorter than when I was beefing up 6th grade for my oldest last cycle. {He has moved on to Challenge A this year and I hope to soon blog about all we are learning in this process.}
Each week I will try to pull books from our collection or from our local library to compliment our studies. I am planning a few longer selections for read-alouds as well. 


So that is all I have planned for this first week. For more ideas check out my Pinterest boards organized by week for cycle 1.

Blessings as you start your cycle 1 journey!


  1. Thank you for sharing your plans. As always, they are great. I also have a child that just started Challenge A this year. Can't wait to hear about your experiences. Best of luck and that you again.

    1. Thank you! I am so glad to know they are helpful for other CC mamas. :-) We are on week 2 in ChA and so far so good. I am learning so much as I walk this road with my son. Good luck to you and your Challenge student!

  2. I couldn't wait for you to start posting your weekly CC plans...they were a huge blessing last year! Thank you!!!!

    1. That makes me so happy to know they were a blessing! I sometimes wonder. So glad to have you visit and comment! Have a blessed start to your year!


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