Wednesday, August 5, 2015

our homeschool planner- a master binder

As I'm busy prepping for the start of a new year, one of the things I look forward to most is getting my homeschool binder organized and ready.
I have used a few different types of organizers in the past and have finally come up with a system that works really well for our homeschool.

The first page in my binder is a Post-it note to-do list. I am a note and list writer. No matter what other methods I may try, I always come back to pencil and paper for keeping my thoughts in order. This page in my binder is my rotating list of notes, ideas and reminders. When something pops into my mind in the middle of a lesson, I jot it down quickly {before I forget!} and then I can come back to it later.
I made this by simply placing 6 post-it notes on a sheet of card stock and tracing around them in a cute way. I removed the post-its and laminated the sheet. Now I have a sturdy, reusable list. 

The rest of my binder is divided into 8 tabbed sections:
-Year Plans
-CC supplements
-Activities/Unit Studies

Here is where I keep our calendar (I use one from, a Quarterly Planner that corresponds to our CC schedule, and Goal Setter pages for each of my children where I make academic and character goals for them.  I also keep our Mid-Year Review in this section.

I break our school day down into sections of time. It's not a moment by moment schedule but more of a routine for how our day flows.
This section also is home to our chore lists and am/pm routines.

I keep a Cycle at-a-glance sheet for quick reference (love these from Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood) as well as a reading list and log. Any other CC specific items go here.

Any extra activities or planning sheets for unit studies are here. Extra lessons, field trips, camps, etc.

Here is the bulk of my binder. I created planner pages that meet the needs of our family. A place to keep weekly CC memory work (I use the Memory Work 4 planner sheets on CC Connected by user knhampton), an area for CC extension plans, slots for the week for each subject we cover and a daily drilling focus.
I use a curriculum planner page to keep track of what needs we have as well as a budget for purchasing.

A place for records and forms. I keep testing info here and our NOI letters.

And finally, the last section is home for loose leaf paper and my rambling thoughts. I jot down longer notes here or blog post ideas.

So that's it! A Homeschool Planner to keep our school time organized.

Check out the links below for my Homeschool Planner printables!

Happy Planning!

Homeschool Weekly Planner with CC integration
Student Goal Setter 
Quarterly Planner
Curriculum Planner
Readers and Read-Aloud Log
Weekly Routines

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