Friday, September 18, 2015

cc cycle 1 wk 4:: the plan

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This week has been a bit different for us as we have enjoyed a late season beach trip. It has been a fabulous week of rest and refreshment. And oh, how my soul needed it!

We have actually done a bit of memory work and even dragged some Challenge A work away with us. Yes, I know... mean mom;) We will hit the floor running and play a little catch up this week.

We are still reading our Story of the World match ups and spending time in our Morning Meeting looking over our readers and reference books. {You can find a full list of SOTW match ups here on Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood which we use.}We picked up a copy of the book When on Earth?while we were out of town and can't wait to add it to our basket. It's a pretty cool resource with lots of CC tie ins for the little guys.

Here are my ideas for week 4...which may take us well into week 5;) A few more ideas are up on the Pinterest board for week 4.

We will add to our Ancient Greece lap book from week 3 and complete a section on the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Did you know that only the Pyramid of Giza remains today? Don't you love CC for teaching us something we didn't know before?

Here is a documentary that we will watch this week. 

{video via YouTube}

We will print some coloring sheets from the Super Coloring website for the different wonders. 

IF we are having a need for something really fun and have the time on our hands, we may make this edible temple and tie it in as the Temple of Artemis;) Directions are located here at

We will be catching up on some readers and adding our new book to the book basket. 


For an art tie in at home that will draw on our history as well as the upcoming emphasis on perspective we will follow the directions found on for drawing a pyramid. 

That's about all for us this week. It will be a catch up week for sure. But hey, it happens from time to time and you just roll with it. Positioning myself from a place of rest and trusting in the Lord to lead our homeschool makes it possible to see changes in our schedule and routine as part of the plan and something to embrace. It was a long process to learn but such a valuable lesson.

Praying that you all find joy in your journey friends!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

cc cycle 1 wk3::the plan

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We love making CC the spine of our homeschool and have seen the rich fruit it produces. I truly believe that the memory work is enough but sometimes we like to dig a little deeper. When my older ones ask questions I want to be prepared to enter into those great conversations with them. I absolutely love our book basket and try weekly to have it stocked with readers and reference books that compliment our weekly memory work. I've also started having the Timeline cards and Science cards available there as well. What great discussions and jumping points we've had already this year! When I free up time in our days to pursue truth and beauty I am continually amazed with the richness of our days. Yes, somedays are just plain hard, but sometimes there are those moments that make me gratefully smile and praise God for this time at home with my children.

Here we go with a few ideas for how we will try to do CC at home for week 3. So glad you stopped by!

We are having fun with the Greek and Roman gods. When we went through cycle 1 before, I honestly didn't do anything beyond the history sentence. I just didn't know what to do exactly. But this time around we are using this as a spring board to talk about the culture of the Greeks and the Romans. The history sentences for the next several weeks will build on this foundation so we will really just be wetting the appetite this week.
 I have several ideas on my Pinterest board but ones we will try to fit in are below:

-make a Ancient Greek lap book (but add it to our classical notebook for storage)
-have our own family olympics complete with metals;)
-visit a Greek restaurant
-use our readers to learn more about the cultures
-and, maybe, make this gingerbread Parthenon;) How cool!!
{image via flicker}

With my oldest in Challenge A, I am seeing the need to drill, drill, drill the Latin with my younger two during these Foundations years. Can I get an amen from any of you other Challenge mamas!? 

 I totally L O V E this method shared by another CC mama for reviewing the declensions and Noun Cases. We have made our set of Latin condiment cups and will be adding the endings as we go!

{click over to view on YouTube}



Fine Arts:
We will be drawing on our OiLs skills (every pun intended;) using the Draw and Write Through History: Greece and Rome (book 2) this week. We will likely use this just with my middle child since the drawings are a little harder for little ones. 

Thanks so much for stopping by! Rich blessings as you school through cycle 1!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

cc cycle 1 wk 2::the plan

We are into the swing of things and starting to enjoy our school year routine. I am purposing to be present in the moments as a mama and pausing long enough to enjoy my children and draw out the wonder as we observe our world. We are still working on balancing it all with Foundations and Challenge A but we are finding our groove. Yay! 

Here are a few quick ideas for week 2! 

We are still giving time to learning the 10 Commandments this week. We are having fun with the CC song and we will make a simple lap book following the directions found at Spark and All seen below.
I really want to spend time this week building this foundation in my youngest children for how we are commanded to relate to God and to others. How amazing to be able to place the great and mighty works of our God into the context of our history timeline.

For the kingdoms of living things, we are looking for various living things to sort! We are already eyes wide open to the numerous created beings all around us. What a marvelous opportunity to point our children to the amazing work of their Creator! If you went to Practicum this season, remember how we were encouraged to draw out the wonder in our students? Here is an opportunity to do just that!
We are pulling out of CC Nature study journals and doing some simple drawings (we even found spiders in their webs after doing the telegraph experiment!) but we will also use the sorting craft found here at Line Upon Line Learning. What a cute freebie. My castle loving girl will love using this! 

In addition to reading our Timeline cards and Story of the World (we follow the suggested reading correlations found here on Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood) we will also dig into some great books. Here are a few in our current book basket.


For more ideas check out my Pinterest board for week 2!