Saturday, September 5, 2015

cc cycle 1 wk 2::the plan

We are into the swing of things and starting to enjoy our school year routine. I am purposing to be present in the moments as a mama and pausing long enough to enjoy my children and draw out the wonder as we observe our world. We are still working on balancing it all with Foundations and Challenge A but we are finding our groove. Yay! 

Here are a few quick ideas for week 2! 

We are still giving time to learning the 10 Commandments this week. We are having fun with the CC song and we will make a simple lap book following the directions found at Spark and All seen below.
I really want to spend time this week building this foundation in my youngest children for how we are commanded to relate to God and to others. How amazing to be able to place the great and mighty works of our God into the context of our history timeline.

For the kingdoms of living things, we are looking for various living things to sort! We are already eyes wide open to the numerous created beings all around us. What a marvelous opportunity to point our children to the amazing work of their Creator! If you went to Practicum this season, remember how we were encouraged to draw out the wonder in our students? Here is an opportunity to do just that!
We are pulling out of CC Nature study journals and doing some simple drawings (we even found spiders in their webs after doing the telegraph experiment!) but we will also use the sorting craft found here at Line Upon Line Learning. What a cute freebie. My castle loving girl will love using this! 

In addition to reading our Timeline cards and Story of the World (we follow the suggested reading correlations found here on Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood) we will also dig into some great books. Here are a few in our current book basket.


For more ideas check out my Pinterest board for week 2!


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