Friday, September 18, 2015

cc cycle 1 wk 4:: the plan

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This week has been a bit different for us as we have enjoyed a late season beach trip. It has been a fabulous week of rest and refreshment. And oh, how my soul needed it!

We have actually done a bit of memory work and even dragged some Challenge A work away with us. Yes, I know... mean mom;) We will hit the floor running and play a little catch up this week.

We are still reading our Story of the World match ups and spending time in our Morning Meeting looking over our readers and reference books. {You can find a full list of SOTW match ups here on Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood which we use.}We picked up a copy of the book When on Earth?while we were out of town and can't wait to add it to our basket. It's a pretty cool resource with lots of CC tie ins for the little guys.

Here are my ideas for week 4...which may take us well into week 5;) A few more ideas are up on the Pinterest board for week 4.

We will add to our Ancient Greece lap book from week 3 and complete a section on the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Did you know that only the Pyramid of Giza remains today? Don't you love CC for teaching us something we didn't know before?

Here is a documentary that we will watch this week. 

{video via YouTube}

We will print some coloring sheets from the Super Coloring website for the different wonders. 

IF we are having a need for something really fun and have the time on our hands, we may make this edible temple and tie it in as the Temple of Artemis;) Directions are located here at

We will be catching up on some readers and adding our new book to the book basket. 


For an art tie in at home that will draw on our history as well as the upcoming emphasis on perspective we will follow the directions found on for drawing a pyramid. 

That's about all for us this week. It will be a catch up week for sure. But hey, it happens from time to time and you just roll with it. Positioning myself from a place of rest and trusting in the Lord to lead our homeschool makes it possible to see changes in our schedule and routine as part of the plan and something to embrace. It was a long process to learn but such a valuable lesson.

Praying that you all find joy in your journey friends!


  1. We got the book When on Earth and the whole family is enjoying it! Thank you for recommending it:)

    1. So glad!! Isn't it a goodie? My middle child is fascinated by it:-)


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