Wednesday, October 21, 2015

cc cycle 1 wk 7:: the plan

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This week has been one of reminding myself to just breath. Ever had homeschooling weeks like that? Yep, I know we all have. It is just part of the package. But at least we can purpose to rest in the grace found in Christ and trust that the bumps in the road can work together for good in His ultimate plan.

So part of that has meant that things haven't gone 'according to plan' in many ways. While we are almost done with the week, we still have many things on the docket. Here are some things we have done and some ideas we still hope to incorporate for cycle 1 week 7.

In history this week we are taking advantage of the focus on India through our sentence and geography to pull in a mini unit on Indian culture. So, we are pulling out our Kingfisher History Encyclopedia and looking up all of the references to the Indus River Valley all of the way up to modern India. 
We will watch the first episode on The Story of India on Amazon Prime
This BBC web page has some great info to explore relating to the Indus Valley. So we will pull out that Timeline card and tie it together with this week's geography. I really  love to make connections with my kids across multiple weeks in our memory work.
We are having fun with our Map Work Mondays and I am continuing to be impressed with just how much our little ones can retain!

We will follow these directions for how to draw the Taj Mahal from Activity Village to add to our notebooks.
And this Indian elephant will have to make its way into our schedule! Find it at thecraftyclassroom.

Love this little project for a visual of the ways animals reproduce from Sola Gratia Mom

We have watched a few videos on live birth recently as we have been studying the classifications of living things but we will watch this video of a chick hatching and these sweet little turtles hatching.

[via YouTube}

We will also use these great directions for drawing a crayfish curtesy of Half a Hundred Acre Wood to deepen our understanding following our hands on science for this week. 

So there are just a few ideas for adding something extra to week 7. But I do have to say, during weeks like this past one for us, it is so freeing to rest in the grammar stage and know that the memory work alone is truly enough. That drilling and reviewing gives us all we need. Sure, the extra projects and videos are fun and we certainly do enjoy them, but the classical model of viewing and reviewing information gives us a solid foundation.

Blessings to you all!

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