Monday, October 5, 2015

cc cycle 1 wks 5&6::the plan

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Wow! Where have the last few weeks gone?!?
I have found myself swamped and my plate a little too full. While we've been busy schooling, I've neglected to post our plans. It is never my intention to "let the ball drop" but it has been completely necessary for me to focus on the most important thing in front of me at the moment and simply get through these last few weeks of busy.
It's been good busy. Even soul filling busy but yet I am finally at a place of total exhale and it is with words of His praise that I do.
So, all of that to say that is where I've been. "All in" in too many areas to be fully present here.

Here is what we are up to for weeks 5 & 6 for cycle 1. So happy to have you along for the ride:-)

These 2 weeks are all about the Roman Empire. We are enjoying watching little videos and short snippets of Roman themed movies. We watched a few S H O R T clips from the Gladiator movie...and I do mean short because, is pretty graphic. But the images of the colosseum and the grandeur of Rome are amazing. Just search on YouTube and use your discretion. 
This documentary on Rome is quite good but not all content would be appropriate for everyone. I would recommend viewing ahead of time and maybe even showing just clips to your kids.
If all else fails this week, we may just wrap up in sheets, call them togas and go around shouting Hail, Caesar! Et tu Brute?

Rome: Engineering An Empire
{video via YouTube}
We borrowed some Drive Thru History DVDs last year and loved them!! We hope to get this one on Rome to watch.
We've also had fun playing with this app on the iPad called Britannica Kids: Ancient Rome found on iTunes.  It is a 4.99 app but full of images, games and articles about the Roman Empire. The kids love it.

Ok, so we have really enjoyed having fun with our food so far this year with our various "treats that teach" and during these weeks we are hoping to make an edible Roman Road. Via shall see;-) {Sorry, too much Latin lately;)}
Check out this post at for the how-to.

Here are a few books we have in our book basket.

The Bronze Bow is a Challenge A book but since it fits so well in the memory work right now we are reading it aloud as a family. My Challenge A son will thank me for it later...I think;)

So, there are just a few ideas for beefing up weeks 5 & 6. Hope your first quarter of cycle 1 has been nothing short of wonderful. Enjoy the break in the year and we will see you soon for week 7!

Pinterest boards for weeks 5 and 6:-)

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